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Cloth Sanitary Pads - Standard

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Medium or standard day to day pad is suitable for any type of flow, we also do large night time pads for extra security. This medium pad can be worn with the flared end at the front or back, whichever best suits your body type and flow. Approx 22cm

Cloth pads are becoming so much more popular, whether your more concerned about the environment, your purse strings or your comfort, cloth pads are one of the best options!

Made from cotton, filled with absorbent organic bamboo and backed in water repellent fleece, they keep you comfy, dry and secure. Because we dont use a PUL fabric our pads are breathable to wear. The bamboo does the hard work, the fleece keeps you dry and the cotton makes it feel just like your comfiest pair of knickers. 

When wearing place the fleece side down into your underwear and secure the poppers. We recommend changing your pads at least every 4-5 hours, but you do what you know works best for you!

The bamboo core is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, thats it! Pop them in the wash with a pre rinse, or cold water rinse by hand for best results. I would not recommend fabric softener as it can make your pad less absorbent.