Why choose Washable Pads?

Why choose Washable Pads?

Why choose washable products, nappies, breast pads, and cloth pads?

The Cost

One of the first things that everyone thinks of is the cost. Washable pads (as we will refer to these products on the whole), are more expensive to buy at the outset. I can’t lie to you about that, but in the long term, all these washable, reusable products will save you lots of money.

The cost of taking a child to 2.5 years approximately in disposable nappies, with wipes and nappy sacks included, is about £14.50 a week at the moment.

That’s a whopping £1885 in total, on something that gets pooped in! The cost of cloth in comparison is much lower, especially when you remember that you can use the same nappies for all your children, once they are bought...they’re bought. There is a nice little post from Fill your Pants, a cloth nappy shop, that explains the crazy savings nicely.

The Feel

I cloth nappied my daughter, and will with my second. She obviously couldn’t tell me if the cloth felt nicer to wear than disposables, but considering she would get a rash from disposables and never in cloth, I consider that a win. I can tell you about wearing washable breast pads and cloth pads. Washable breast pads are soft and flexible, and they don’t stick to you in the crispy, sweaty way that disposables do. I can easily forget im wearing them, unlike their disposable cousins that area constant, hot, prickly reminder of your swollen, leaking breasts.

Cloth pads in much the same way, breathe like wearing normal knickers. They are just as absorbent, they don’t smell and yes they are a bit more bulky, but it feels like sitting on a cushion. Which I think we all agree is much nicer than a sweaty scratchy petroleum filled blood sack.

The Bigger picture

Not everyone cares about the environment, I get that, and I don’t think that makes you an evil person. We all have full lives, we have children and jobs and a lot of the time, convenience wins the day! However, there is a lot to be said for the cost saved in not disposing. Nappies cost the tax payer about 10p per nappy to dispose of…..per nappy! Thats a lot of 10p’s! Your average disposable nappy also contains, among other things, crude oil, petroleum, lime, chlorine and fungus. All of which goes on your babies skin...yuk!

So It is absolutely better for you, your baby and the environment to switch to washable everything. Period. My mind will not be changed on that one.

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