Having another baby

Having another baby

Its happened again

As I write this I am nine weeks pregnant, if I release this, I will have had my first scan and be at least twelve weeks, everything crossed. 

Oh the sickness!

I have been so sick with this one, much sicker than with my daughter, and dam near constantly nauseous. I've found ice lollies are the only thing that make me feel better. Luckily its absurdly hot for the UK this summer, also unluckily for me, and every other pregnant woman, its absurdly hot for the UK this summer! 

Dealing with a toddler (28 months) is hard at the best of times for everyone. Sometimes I find myself gritting my teeth and breathing deeply. Usually in response to her refusal to go to sleep, or to just eat crisps for lunch, or her determination to shit in the garden like the dogs, then pick it up with a shovel. 

Dealing with a diva toddler when I want to vomit every time I pick her up, or talk, or breathe...its another level of misery.

The silver lining

Don't get me wrong I was pleased to discover I was pregnant, and pleased to be getting number two out of the way. Were a relatively young couple (29) and I look forward to finishing with the school run hopefully before I'm 40. (That may be wishful thinking, I used to walk to and from primary school, but it was a different time then)

The fear

I am terrified of having a newborn and the constant attention that they need, alongside my daughter, who, at 2 is still very much a full time job. On top of all that, I have to keep my business running. It does feel sometimes like Milly Pops falls behind a bit for me. I cant ignore my kid(s), I cant ignore my house and family, so sometimes my work gets procrastinated. 

I struggle the most with advertising, how to get people to know I exist and to buy beautiful things from me. I love stalls, I'm great at in person sales, but how do you do that with a baby strapped to you. 

Id love to know if anyone else is in the same boat, please let me know, and any useful tips on keeping your family, business and sanity would be amazing. 

Ill leave you with a little snap of me and my squidget, At least I make beautiful babies :)



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