Change of plans

Change of plans

Its always personal

When you run a small indie business, its personal. My other half has told me about 20 times a day, "its not personal, its business". But it is personal, to me every little sale makes me do a little dance. Its normally a little fist wave like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, subtle yet satisfying. 

When I decided to move on from my original business idea, It honestly felt like a failure, I was going in a totally different direction from my dog shop, onto Milly Pops and the awesomeness you see on here. 

The proof is in the pud

It's taken me a while, and a the first few very satisfying sales, to come round to the idea that change in business is vital. Stepping away from something that wasn't working isn't a failure. Especially if you take what you've learnt with you and apply it to the next venture. Which is essentially the exact same thing with a better target market. 

Millys Huskies, my Doggy shop at a fair.

I still do the best bandanas!

I am still selling my doggy bandana's, but the biggest change is that instead of buying stock in, I make everything myself. Alongside full time work from home, I am full time raising my daughter too. Balancing parenting a toddler and putting in enough hours to make a business work is so draining, but so worth it to be able to stay home with her and any more we may have. 

I plan to blog about my business, my family and relevant baby related topics on here, hopefully I can bring everyone something fun or helpful or both. 

My favorite Milly Pops product is the winter hat with bunny ears!

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